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Your Questions, Our Answers (FAQ)

What is Core Studios?

Established in 2013, Core Studios is a full-service production team driven by a collective of young ‘hybrid’ creatives and producers. 

Why Hybrid Creatives? Well, our creative director is as much a sales person as an ideator and our producer is also as much a creative as a business person - the same goes with all our multi-talented team members with a diverse set of skills and personalities. Sure, they are able to do graphic design - but they might also be capable at creating animation, web design, ideation and digital marketing as well. 

Coupled with our creative + media agency Blankslate, we take pride in our creative & production work for our clients’ social media content and marketing campaigns. Our goal is to be as proud of the people we grow and work with, much like the work we create.

What services do you offer? 

Commercial Production
At the very least, every business should have that ONE main video; that advertisement / commercial / corporate video by your company that you show to your customers, your friends, your family and everyone else possible.

We’ve produced countless commercials that scale from full-fledged production teams to a smaller crew size - let us know your end goal, we’ll take the wheel from there!

Social Media Content
How many businesses can afford to regularly produce high-end commercials? It’s true that we do commercials and can potentially charge you higher for that; but understanding and delivering what our clients ‘really’ need is our priority. 

We will help you produce the creative assets for your social media pages; all you need to do is receive the content (images / videos) from us and publish onto your page!

Live Stream Production
What happens when people can’t come to your launch event or meetings due to social distancing and restrictions?

By using virtual or hybrid methods, we are able to bring the event to your audience through live stream production broadcasted on social media or internal closed platforms.

Commercial Photography
Commercial photography is the creation of images to help sell a product or a service - be it product photography for a luxury fashion brand, food photography for a restaurant menu or even interior photography for a new property launch.

We will sit down with you to craft your brand story, align it across your marketing campaign, then capture it through a series of beautiful snaps.

Production Support
Apart from managing our own production, we also aid other local and international teams in equipment rental, production crew sourcing, scouting for locations and talents, acquiring permits, logistical support and many more. Some call it film fixer, but we’d rather call ourselves your trusted partner because we believe in expanding our network and supporting each other to grow the creative / production community.

Are you associated with The Ming Thing?

Yes, you could say that The Ming Thing (TMT) was our early roots to content creation and eventually established our company and team. 

The Ming Thing

Entertainment channel
(short films, comedy, vlogs, etc.)

The ming thing

Family channel
(by @dmingthing & @suyenpang)

The Takeaway Table

Podcast Channel
(Ayy-Men, Head Over Heels, Table Talk)

The takeaway table

If you’re keen on buying ad placements on any of our brand channels, hit us up!
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Yes, I'd like to buy a media placement
 Whom have you worked with? 

Throughout the years, we have worked with many local and international brands - including but not limited to:

1 Utama
1664 Blanc
Beauté Library
Dutch Lady

Estee Lauder
Hot Wheels
INTI University
Jo Malone London
Kate Spade

Korea Tourism
Nescafé Dolce Gusto
Omega SA

Singapore Tourism
Sunway Medical
Taylor’s University
The Starling
Tourism Malaysia

Can I see some of your work? 

Sure - here are some links for you to check out some of our past works: 

How much do you charge? 

Here comes everyone’s favourite question haha. We’re not exactly the cheapest, but we’re not the most expensive either. What you’re paying for is our experience, our resources, our time, our skills as well as the assurance that you’re looking for. 

However, what we want to avoid is to have a long protractive discussion with our clients only to realize much later that we won’t be able to work together because you could not afford our rates. 

If that’s okay with you, send us your brief AND your allocated budget so that we could also propose what we could do for you within the cost!

Work with us
I need guidance.

…and that’s okay, really. It’s totally fine if you don’t know where or how to start. Here's where we come in and support you, only if you allow us.

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